About Us


MCHC’s mission is to empower families to build a healthier and brighter future for their children by overcoming the social and environmental barriers that lead to poor health conditions in our communities.

Our Story

In 1991, MCHC was created to ensure that all pregnant and parenting women in Chester County have access to high-quality health care regardless of race, language, insurance status, or immigration status.

In 1995, our dedicated staff began to provide home visiting to disadvantaged pregnant women. Two years later, funding through the federal Healthy Start program allowed us to expand our reach and reduce disparities in birth outcomes for African-American and Hispanic infants in our community. It has also linked MCHC to over 100 Healthy Start programs around the country, enabling us to learn “best practices” in outreach, home visiting, and delivery of maternal and child health services.

Since that time, MCHC has become a leading voice for Chester County’s women, children, and families, and has expanded our services to meet emerging needs. Today, MCHC has an operating budget of over $1.4 million through public and private partnerships and strong community support.