Family Group Decision Making

Program Description

The Family Group Decision Making Program empowers families to work together for the purpose of providing a safe, secure environment, free from abuse and neglect for children. Its purpose is to come up with a plan with families referred by Chester County’s Department of Children, Youth and Families to ensure that children are cared for and protected from future harm in ways which fit their culture and situation.

Always with the goal in mind to support the welfare of the child, FGDM coordinators meet with families to develop their strengths, address concerns, provide resources, and solidify a plan to meet the agency’s concern regarding child safety. This program model benefits families in many different areas including fostering a stable home, resolving child disruptive, school truancy, and court processes, preventing abuse and neglect, and developing a support system that enables families to be self-sufficient and healthy.

FGDM contact: Aida Garcia, 610-344-5370 x 107,