George's Story

Improve Child Development

MCHC’s Parent Educators of our Kennett Square Family Center provide home visiting and parent education for families with children ages 0-5 years to improve child development as children prepare for Kindergarten. A worried mother of an 18-month-old boy noticed her son was struggling with eye contact, isolating himself from other children his age, and not communicating properly. When she would say his name, he would not respond. He was also not making any sounds. She knew something just wasn’t right with her little boy.

After a developmental screening provided by an MCHC Parent Educator, he was approved for Early Intervention Services. She is so grateful that together with her Parent Educator, they were able to identify early on what prevented her son from developing like other kids. With the support of MCHC’s Parent Educator, he now interacts more with other children his age and he can look into his mother’s eyes. Thanks to MCHC, this little boy can start healthy, stay healthy, and succeed in school!