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Board & Committee Member Application

MCHC’s success would not be possible without the time and talents of our Board of Directors and Committee Members. As a community-serving organization, we want to ensure that we represent the diversity of our community at all levels of the organization, including leadership. Serving as a Board Member or on a committee at MCHC is a great way to channel your skills and passion into a cause that makes healthy beginnings and bright futures possible for so many. If you are passionate about supporting children and families in need and excited to help MCHC achieve its big-picture goals, joining the Board or a committee might be for you!

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Conflict of Interest Agreement

I have received and carefully read the Conflict oflnterest Policy and Procedure for Board Members, staff and volunteers of MCHC and have considered not only the literal expression of the policy, but also its intent. I hereby affirm that I understand and agree to comply with the Conflict of Interest Policy and Procedure. I further understand that MCHC is a charitable organization and that in order to maintain its federal tax exemption it must engage primarily in activities which accomplish one or more of its tax-exempt purposes.

Except as otherwise indicated in the following Conflict of Interest Disclosure Statement, if any, I hereby state that I do not, to the best of my knowledge, have any conflict of interest that may be seen as competing with MCHC, nor does any relative or business associate have such an actual or potential conflict of interest.

If any situation should arise in the future which I think may involve me in a conflict of interest, I will promptly and fully disclose the circumstances to MCHC's President of the Board of Directors or to the CEO, as applicable. If such a situation does not arise, I understand that I will still complete the Affirmation of Compliance every year after my initial involvement with MCHC.

Conflidentiality Agreement

General: MCHC employees are prohibited from disclosing information about its products, policies, procedures, and employees to competitors or other members of the public.

- Employees must not disclose any trade secrets or confidential information or data learned in the course of employment to individuals not employed by the MCHC, except upon written approval of the Executive Director or designee.

- All course material, outlines, training manuals, tapes, curricula, software or publications purchased or developed by MCHC or its employees are the exclusive property ofMCHC and may not be released, sold or otherwise transferred without the explicit permission of the Executive Director.

Participant Information: MCHC employees must, to the best of their ability, ensure confidentiality and privacy with regard to history, records and discussions of the participants the MCHC serves. The very fact that an individual receives services from MCHC must be kept private and confidential. For reasons relating to law enforcement and fulfillment of our mission, disclosure may be made in accordance with the guidelines outlined below.

- Employees may not disclose any information about a person, including the fact that the person is or is not served by MCHC to anyone outside ofMCHC unless authorized by the Executive Director, other authorized personnel as designated by the Executive Director, or the person or client whose information is being requested. A signed Release Form by the person or client is required for information to be shared.

- The principle of confidentiality must be maintained in all programs, departments, functions and activities.

- No information requested by someone outside MCHC is to be given over the telephone. Employees are instructed to respond with the statement: "MCHC policy does not permit me to give out this information" that includes whether or not a person is or has been served by this MCHC.

- No records or other information may be released to state, federal or other agencies that enable the identification of any person by name, address, Social Security number or other coding procedure unless this information is specifically required and authorized by a funding source, governmental agency, or law enforcement by way of a subpoena or a Release Fann signed by the client and is approved by the Executive Director or designee. Employees are instructed to respond with the statement: "MCHC policy requires that any agency must have proper authorization to access client records through a subpoena or a signed Release Form."

- If records are inspected by an entity outside ofMCHC, the individuals(s) who inspect(s) the records must be specifically authorized to do so by the Executive Director or designee. The taking of notes, copying of records or removal of records is specifically prohibited in such cases.

- Employees are not to discuss any individual's record with unauthorized individuals, during or after work hours. All employees are required to sign a confidentiality agreement, stating their responsibility and commitment in regard to client information.

- This Confidentiality Agreement is not intended to prevent discussion of individual cases within the MCHC or with the employees' immediate supervisor or other members ofMCHC Management.

- Upon leaving MCHC's employ, employees may not take with them any document or tangible evidence of confidential information or data belonging to or under the control of MCHC, whether on disk, recorded or hard copy, whether an original or a reproduction.