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Serving as an MCHC Board Member is a great way to channel your skills and passion into a cause that makes healthy beginnings and bright futures possible for so many. If you are passionate about supporting children and families in need and excited to help MCHC achieve its big-picture goals, joining the Board might be for you. Please complete the form below and we’ll be in touch.

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MCHC’s Board is an exciting and engaged working board. In the interest of full transparency, below is a summary of MCHC’s expectations of board membership.

- Attend and participate in a minimum of 6 board meetings per year (with in-person participation strongly encouraged). Board members are expected to be timely and present at every meeting with a maximum of three consecutive absences from board meetings.

- Board committees meet every other month outside of regular board meetings. You are expected to attend and participate in at least one board committee (this can happen by phone or internet).

- When needed, take on special projects in addition to Board responsibilities such as attendance at special fundraising events, participation in grant pitch interviews, or representation of MCHC at community events, etc.

- Average total time commitment can range from 1 to 5 hours per month, highly dependent on the specific role you play on the Board.

- Participate in fundraising and development activities. Such activities may include thanking donors, helping MCHC connect to potential supporters, and attendance and support of annual fundraising events.

- Each Board member is requested to make an annual gift to MCHC that is personally significant and meaningful. Nonprofit funders often request organizations whether 100% of the Board financially support the organization.

- Commit to the role for a minimum of two-year term.

MCHC does not discriminate on any basis including race, sex, age, religion, or nationality.