Lucia's Story

Getting a Healthy Start

Lucia and her family’s journey began with MCHC in 2012 during her first pregnancy as a Healthy Start participant when she received home-visiting services. Monthly visits by Lucia’s Family Health Advocate, Annabel from MCHC’s Kennett Square location to her home in Kennett provided Lucia with much needed emotional support, what to expect during each month of her pregnancy, nutrition education, and help and support as a new parent when she came home from the hospital after her delivery. Lucia delivered a healthy baby girl and graduated from the Healthy Start program when her daughter, Crystal turned two in 2014.

Lucia’s second child, a healthy baby boy, David was born in 2013. Unfortunately, Lucia had lost her healthcare benefits between pregnancies and came back to MCHC seeking assistance to help her with enrolling in benefits and make sure both of her children and herself had healthcare coverage. She knew how important it was for her children to have their annual well check ups and wanted to make sure if any of them were to fall ill, even with just a little cold, she could go to a doctor if needed. Anabel, Lucia’s MCHC Family Health Advocate once again worked with Lucia to connect her and her children to health benefits through MCHC’s Family Benefits program helping her through the cumbersome process of gathering the required documents, completing complicated forms, and navigating the online enrollment process.

Four years later, Lucia’s little boy was now turning five, but he was struggling greatly to cut with scissors, write with a pencil, and color like other children his age. Lucia knew she needed help and worried about her son as he was going to enter kindergarten in just less than a year. Through her experience with the Healthy Start program she once again turned to MCHC’s Family Center in Kennett Square for help. Lucia, her son and children started receiving home visits from an MCHC Parent Educator who worked with her son doing activities such as stacking blocks, building puzzles, gluing paper, and practicing holding pencils and utensils to improve his fine motor skills. Her Parent Educator also helped Lucia to create activities around the house that will strengthen these activities and her son’s skills. Together with MCHC’s help and support, Lucia now feels much more confident about her son heading to kindergarten and she and her son cannot wait to get on that bus for his first day of school in September.