Marie's Story

Understanding Mental Health

In January 2018, MCHC received a referral from one of the many healthcare and social services organizations MCHC collaborates with across Chester County. Receiving mental and behavioral health support for suicidal ideations and getting connected to medical and behavioral healthcare benefits for this one particular young man was extremely critical. His mother began the daunting process of obtaining Medicaid benefits to ensure her son’s care but quickly became immensely frustrated and exhausted after attempting it on her own.

The process was simply overwhelming as she tried to manage through the complex forms and online sites, all while worrying about her son. She had only recently found out from her son’s school staff that they discovered his suicidal ideations through his online search history on his school tablet. She was worried beyond belief. What would she do if she could not get his benefits in place she thought.

After being referred to MCHC by her son’s mental and behavioral health provider, she was immediately contacted by an MCHC Family Benefits Specialist who assured her she had the help she needed to guide her through the process and to help her get her son enrolled the benefits he desperately needed. A new Medicaid application was completed and submitted by MCHC and shortly thereafter MCHC’s Family Benefits Specialist contacted the family to give this young man and his mother the news they needed to hear — her son was approved and enrolled in Medicaid benefits.

She told her MCHC Benefits Specialist she knew she needed to act quickly to get the care and benefits neither she nor her husband could provide without Medicaid benefits. With MCHC’s support, this 13-year-old boy was able to receive the immediate psychiatric care he needed and was eventually able to overcome the challenges he was facing. “Since the Medicaid was processed, everything started coming in line and we got all of the services we were trying to get. He was able to get a therapist and other tests that couldn’t have been done without Medicaid. Without your help, we wouldn’t be on the path we are on now. I couldn’t have done this without you. We are able to keep our son at home and safe.” his mother told MCHC