Michael's Story

Kindergarten Transition Program

MCHC’s Kennett Square Family Center hosts a Kindergarten Transition Summer Program every June to help prepare children for kindergarten. For many children, this is their first experience in a school-like setting, which can be very overwhelming. The children overcome the fears of leaving their parents for the first time, learning English, learning how to get on a school bus, and many other skills.

During this past year’s summer program at the Kennett Family Center, a child who never had the opportunity to scribble with crayons and have paper and paint to create artwork and did not know how to write his name. He was frustrated, acting out  and not open to new learning. He thought he was failing and could not do things that other children were doing around him. MCHC Parent Educators recognized his struggles and worked to understand the reasons behind his frustrations. Realizing he needed help with greater one-on-one support, MCHC staff involved his parents, his Parent Educator and program volunteers to model printing and engage him in a way that printing letters would turn into fun play.

Using creative tools such as Play-doh this little boy started forming shapes and then practiced with crayons and markers to trace lines. He was eventually able to print his name. By the end of the summer program, he was writing both his first and last name. Extremely proud of himself he presented his parents with personally “autographed” signed artwork at his graduation.