Plans of Safe Care (POSC)

Program Description

What is a Plan of Safe Care (POSC)?

A Plan of Safe Care (POSC) is part of a program designed to help pregnant women, families, caregivers, and infants affected by a substance use disorder. POSC is a document that lists and directs possible referrals for services and supports to provide for the safety and well-being of an infant affected by substance use.

Plans of Safe Care will vary depending on the circumstances. A Plan of Safe Care will typically address:

• Basic needs such as safe housing, medical care, mental health treatment needs, etc.
• Delivery and Discharge plans that includes birthing location, supports, information sharing with hospital staff and other service providers, safe sleeping environment, etc.
• Infant needs such as basic care items, feeding, transportation, pediatric care, etc.
• Supports after delivery such as substance use treatment, home visiting services, child welfare involvement, etc.

The POSC Coordinator will:

  • Develop holistic strategies and interventions to address the well-being of the family unit.
  • Work with you to develop your support team (for example: your health care provider, other service providers, and your personal support system) and resources that meet your needs.
  • Introduce you to free programs for pregnant women and new parents.
  • Guide you and your family within the program that would help you overcome substance use disorder.
  • Give you encouragement and support the whole way.

What if I am taking un-prescribed medications, illegal substances, or consuming alcohol during pregnancy?

Federal regulations protect the confidentiality of individuals who seek treatment for substance use disorders. All pregnant women and their families affected by Substance Use Disorder are entitled to affordable prevention and treatment services. This disorder is treatable. Treatment is safe and encouraged during pregnancy. If you want help, call your POSC coordinator. They will provide the support that you need.

What to expect.

  • If your baby shows any signs of withdrawal, a notification will be made to ChildLine and a Plan of Safe Care will be offered.
  • The POSC coordinator will gather your support team and meet with you to discuss your needs and how you can be supported.
  • If you are pregnant and would like to create a Plan of Safe Care, you can call or notify your health care provider.

What if I am taking medication prescribed by my health care provider?

  • Even if you are taking medicine as directed, you may be identified for a Plan of Safe Care due to your baby being affected by the medication, which may be detected through a positive drug test or withdrawal symptoms.
  • Some medicines can result in babies being at higher risk for health complications. Many of these complications can be safely managed by your baby’s health care provider when the baby is born.
  • DO NOT stop taking your medicine until you talk to your health care provider. Often, women need to continue their medicine while pregnant. Suddenly stopping a medicine intake may be riskier.

What are the impacts of substances on my developing baby?

Prenatal exposure to a substance may affect your baby in variety of ways. For more information, ask your OB/GYN or health care provider.


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POSC Senior Coordinator

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