Staff Members

For the last 29 years, our dedicated staff has been making a difference in the lives of Chester County's children.

MCHC’s main phone number is 610-344-5370 and fax number is 610-344-5279. The main e-mail address is  Staff members can be contacted by dialing their extensions or by e-mailing them at the addresses listed below.


Milena Lanz

Executive Director | Ext. 101

Cecilia Arce

Director of Programs/Family Center Director | Ext. 102

Arianna Denison

Manager of Healthy Start and Family Benefits | Ext. 103

Linette Ortiz

Manager of Business Operations | Ext. 130

Natalie Coughlin

Manager of Development and Communications | Ext. 104

Amanda Vega

Manager of Life Skills and Diversion Programs | Ext. 127

Family Benefits Program

Sarahi Gutierrez

Program Assistant | Ext. 122

Briana Villagrana

Bilingual Program Lead Coordinator, Family Benefits | Ext. 121

Fran Lisowski

Program Data Coordinator | Ext. 108

Maria Juarez

Bilingual Program Coordinator, Family Benefits | Ext. 120

Margarita Ortiz Castaneda

Bilingual Program Coordinator, Family Benefits | Ext. 123

Healthy Start Program

Alma Vidal

Bilingual Program Lead Coordinator, Healthy Start | Ext. 114

Brandi Wesley

Program Coordinator, Plan Safe of Care (POSC) | Ext. 111

Sonia Ortiz

Bilingual Program Coordinator, Healthy Start | Ext. 106

Thalia Medina

Bilingual Program Coordinator, Healthy Start | Ext. 113

Denisse Pimentel

Bilingual Program Coordinator, Healthy Start | Ext. 129

Maria Eugenia Rincones

Bilingual Program Coordinator, Healthy Start | Ext. 109

Family Center Program – Southern Chester County (Kennett Square and Oxford)

Liliana Guzman

Program Assistant | Ext. 110

Anabel Oceguera

Lead Program Coordinator, Family Center | Ext. 115

Manuel Arevalo

Bilingual Program Coordinator, Fatherhood | Ext. 126

Maritza Rivera Cochran

Bilingual Program Coordinator, Family Center | Ext. 116

Brian David Castillo

Bilingual Program Coordinator, Family Center | Ext. 119

Brenda Castillo

Bilingual Program Coordinator, Family Center | Ext. 117

Life Skills, Diversion, & Family Group Decision Making (FGDM) Programs

Aida Garcia

Manager of Family Group Decision Making | Ext. 107

Edmin Torres

Bilingual Program Coordinator, Life Skills and Diversion | Ext. 128

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Together we can empower families to build a healthier and brighter future for their children.

GivingTuesdayNow is on May 5th

MCHC continues providing services during this difficult time. We are grateful for your support. Our program participants are receiving services remotely during this public health crisis either through (IVC) interactive video conferencing using WhatsApp application to have two way, real-time, audiovisual communication between MCHC staff members and Family (parent and target child and others) or through telecommunication (audio phone calls) and following the guidelines from "Parents and Teachers curriculum" during this difficult time; ensuring staff is able to share important COVID-19 information as the situation evolves. Our staff is able to support the majority of parents who are at home with their children and provide them with interactive activities that are conducive to their children’s learning and development. In addition, the staff is directing and providing different resources including healthcare access to families in different communities. Your generosity is making a huge difference in the life of many children. We are providing support to families around the County with basic items including diapers, formula, personal care items, and food box donations. Just in the past month, MCHC staff have delivered over 85 food boxes from Chester County Food Bank, diapers, formula, and other baby items and we estimate an increasing need in the coming weeks. Family Benefit Specialists continue doing Health Insurance and SNAP benefits enrollments on a daily basis. While many other local human service organizations are closed as a result of the COVID-19 outbreak, our capacity to support families virtually allowed us to adjust our program structure within a week. Support from donors like you will enable us to sustain our program infrastructure and support our staff as we continue serving vulnerable families in our community.