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MCHC welcomes referrals from anyone and for anyone who would benefit from our services, including clients from other organizations, health providers, and self-referrals. Our service area is all of Chester County, PA and Pottstown and Norristown in Montgomery County, PA.

Agency submitting the referral

If none or self-referred, put "none."

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Healthy Start Program referrals

Home-visting program for pregnant or parenting women with a child less than 1 month old.

If none, put "none."
Food assistance for women, children, and infants.

Family Benefits Program referrals

Bilingual assistance applying for health insurance or food benefits for the individual or a family member.

Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) provides cash assistance to pregnant women and caregivers of children.

Family Center Program referrals

Home-visiting program for parent(s) of a child 0-5 years-old living in the southern Chester County area.

Family Group Decision Making Program referrals

Family-meeting style approach to helping families come up with a plan to solve issues that threaten the family unit, child safety, or permanency.

"John 8 years, Sara 13 years"