What We Do

Our programs focus on ensuring that caregivers of children have the support, knowledge, and resources to overcome challenges to maintaining their health and supporting their children’s growth.

Our programs reduce health care and food costs for families, help kids develop skills to succeed in their first year of school, and help parents develop skills and access resources to support themselves and their children. Through our work, we advance culturally congruent care, equity in health systems, and create healthier communities.

Healthy Start

The first five years of a person’s life are the most formative. When a child is born too small or too early, they are at a much higher risk for health challenges…

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Plans of Safe Care

Support for pregnant women and infants affected by substance use disorder…

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Perinatal Periods of Risk Project

Initiative to address Black maternal health disparities…

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Family Benefits

In Chester County, 1 in 4 peolpe are struggling to make ends meet, the hardest hit being families with children. Children living without nutritious food or health care face a tough childhood..

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Community Connections

Provides information and referrals for Coatesville area residents in need of help with accessing health care and other public benefits, housing assistance, employment opportunities…

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Family Center

Educational disadvantages are difficult to overcome and falling behind early can have serious lifelong effects on a person’s development and success…

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MCHC expanded the Family Center Program to include an initiative designed to fully engage fathers in their child’s development and early education…

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Empowering Families

MCHC partners with CYF to help families create safe home environments and positive parent-child relationships.

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Home-visiting support for families where there is a risk of children being placed out of the home or a child’s basic needs are not being met…

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Family Group Decision Making

Family-style meetings to help families overcome parent-child conflict in the short-term, introducing strategies to help moving forward…

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Life Skills

Home-visiting support for families open with CYF where there is a risk of children being placed out of the home or a child’s basic needs are not being met…

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