What We Do

MCHC meets individuals and families where they are. Our programs focus on ensuring that caregivers and children have the support, knowledge, and resources to overcome challenges to maintaining their health.

Health happens outside of the doctor’s office, so we take a holistic, culturally-informed approach to supporting families. We see to it that children get the best start in life and that caregivers can support themselves and raise their children to be healthy and do well in school. We are:

  • Creating healthier communities
  • Investing in the next generation
  • Reducing health care costs for families and communities

Healthy Start

The first five years of a person’s life are the most formative. When a child is born too small (less than 5.5 pounds) or too early (before 37 weeks), they are at a much higher risk for short and long-term health challenges…

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Family Benefits

In Chester County, one in eight individuals go to bed hungry and nearly one in ten adults have no insurance. Children who are living without essentials like nutritious food or health care face a tough childhood..

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Family Center

Educational disadvantages are difficult to overcome and falling behind early can have serious lifelong effects on a person’s development and success…

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MCHC expanded the Family Center Program to include an initiative designed to fully engage fathers in their child’s development and early education…

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Community Connections

MCHC partners with county agencies in Coatesville to help low-income Coatesville-area residents receive the health and social service support that they need…

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Life Skills

The Life Skills Program is a community-based program that provides solution-focused, strengths-based parenting education and life skills services for parents/caretakers of at-risk dependent children and youth…

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The Diversion Program is a community-based program that provides face-to-face services with the youth and family in the home, school, and community…

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Family Group Decision Making

The Family Group Decision Making Program empowers families to work together for the purpose of providing a safe, secure environment, free from abuse and neglect for children…

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